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  • 27 2013-03
    Baidu confirmed that spiders will crawl plain text link URL

    Baidu officially recognized as a plain text link URL Baidu crawl, network of Baidu reptiles be plain text on the link to crawl from Baidu owners club Lee Reply! 1 text link url address, Baidu will find he is a url address and crawl up this address to the url address. 2, whether the link should be passed weights only criteria: whether the user or other sites in this link really recomme...

  • 27 2013-03
    Godaddy is sealed, the large number of sites can not be accessed

    In May 2012, the the Godaddy main station from China resolution is very unstable, parsing is masked normal, Railway line, basic telecommunications masked more and more GoDaddy DNS server regional interference can notthis Godaddy own domain name can not be resolved, the large number of sites can not be accessed, especially in Godaddy registered domain name owners. Beginning in July last yea...

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